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IN JAPAN (September 21 - October 3)

The first Global Summit was held in London, England, in October 2005, and the second in Victoria, Canada, in June 2006.
This year, the third and largest Global Summit will be held in Japan from September 21 to October 3 for more than 80 current and potential members from within Asia (India, Japan, Nepal, and the Philippines), Australasia and the Pacific region, as well as Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

The participants will include government officials, members of parliament and ordinary citizens, all of whom are seeking to establish ministries and departments of peace(MfPs/DoPs) at regional or national levels in their countries, or to expand the political influence of existing MfPs/DoPs.

There are still places available for any English Speaking person who wishes to participate, especially foreign nationals living in Japan. If your dream is as ours is, and you would like meet with like minded individuals working hard to bring about these goals, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. info@ministryofpeace.jp.

All participants will be able to take part in seminars and workshops facilitated by highly qualified specialists in non-violent communication, peace building, conflict resolution and so on. See here for detailed information.